Secure Home Wi-Fi Network from Hackers

The router has a loophole to be hacked that is not known by many people

Change the default IP to login router

To enter the router required IP login page in order to access the system in the router. Normally the entered IP is or others.

Use a strong password

Passwords created using only alphabets are often used. But it’s easily tracked by others. So make combinations using alphabets, numbers, symbols and capital letters so that they are not easily identifiable by others.

Turn on WPA2 Wireless encryption

When entering the router settings, there is a choice of wireless encryption type. Many encryption options such as WEP, WPA, WPA2 and others.

Turn on Firewall

The default Firewall of the router needs to be enabled by logging in as admin. This feature needs to be used optimally to be able to secure Internet network. After activating the firewall then try firewall testing.

Update the latest Firmware version

The Router has software to run the system. The software is called Firmware. Firmware updates are often performed by router providers to make the router performance better.

Enable stealth mode

The router has a Stealth Mode that is useful for users but is often not activated. Stealth Mode is useful for hiding open ports. This Port is often a loophole for logging into hackers.

Limit signal beam distance

Some routers that are sold have tools that can set the WiFi beam distance. Set the WiFi deployment distance so that there is no other person’s gap to log in to your Internet network. How to set it up you need to login administrator page.

Turn off Admin login via non-wireless network

To prevent others logging in as a router admin then you must turn off the admin login over a non-wireless network (WiFi signal). Set the router can only be changed via a wireless network or a cable connected from the laptop/ computer to the router.

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