Toxic things can damage social life

Avoid Toxic Friendships
Avoid Toxic Friendships
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In a circle of friends, you can find toxic things that can be destructive in life.

But the positive value of socializing with other people is to make you a real person. You feel happy when you share insights, share funny stories, and find other interesting discussions. Try to feel the positive energy you get from conversations with other people.

If there are humans who choose for themselves, it will make the world lonely. Get out of the zone and find a circle of friends.

Process to become leadership

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A leadership attitude isn’t the only strength for building a good team. Leaders who only adopt a leader’s attitude will result in uncontrolled teamwork.

A good leader must be able to provide direction, control the team. That is a function of managerialship that a leader must have.

Leaders must combine leadership and managerialship with the right size. However, managerialship is considered to have the same meaning as leadership.

If leadership isn’t applied by implementing managerialship then this is the story :

There is a company leader who is optimistic…

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring
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Having a great job with a large salary makes people enthusiastic about life. Beautiful days are always felt without fear of bad days. Opened the window with a smile and said to myself, “Beautiful day with my family”.

Have you ever thought about giving part of your salary to other people in need?

People who have a fixed salary will be happy to see the change of months because they will receive a salary. But what happens to those who don’t have a fixed salary to live.

Human life is often limited to his relationship with his family. Some people…

Personality is needed to position employees based on the type of work

Personality to Build Great Teams
Personality to Build Great Teams
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To build a team requires members who have different personalities. If team members consist only of members with driving personalities, then the team will experience internal conflict because everyone feels the most right.

Therefore, a leader must be able to analyze the employee’s personality to find out the strengths and weaknesses. This personality is needed to position employees according to their expertise. That move is a way to build the ideal team.

I worked at the hospital for 9 years, where I often found the team’s performance was not optimal. This is evidenced by not achieving work targets. …

Good learning must make a good psychic

Build Psychic When Learning at Home
Build Psychic When Learning at Home
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15 years ago, I felt the benefits of studying at school. The benefit is that I’m happy because I can meet with friends. But now everything is different after the COVID-19 pandemic makes everyone have to study at home.

I’m a brother who has a 13-year-old younger brother who is currently attending school. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed my brother’s learning habits to carry out the learning process at home. This transition period made him have to adapt to new habits. As an older brother, I have to be able to help with learning at home.

Routines that make children have a leadership attitude

Building Leadership in Children
Building Leadership in Children
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If someone has a good foundation, then they will have the confidence to be a leader.

Since childhood, children need to be trained to have a leadership attitude. The age of children is the right character building phase to train leadership. Training children to have a leadership attitude aims to prepare children to become leaders. Leadership isn’t only about the position to lead others, but leadership is a personal character.

A leader isn’t only for men, but women also have the same rights to become leaders. …

Build a good impression on the first day of work

Tips for Starting First Day of Work
Tips for Starting First Day of Work
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Covid 19 pandemic has made me and some people out of work. People lose their jobs because the company can’t pay their salaries. The employee didn’t expect the incident. But it’s a fact that must be accepted. The important step after that was how I had to find a new job to make money. In Indonesia, the Covid 19 pandemic was officially made a national disaster in March 2020. Many companies cut costs by laying off employees.

As a father, I have to try other opportunities to keep working to make money. I was an informatics technician at the hospital…

Our journey for the pregnant program during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our Struggle to Get Pregnant
Our Struggle to Get Pregnant
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Before getting married I thought that having children is easy. But the reality is different from what I believe. That thought doesn’t apply to some people (including me) because I am experiencing it. Now, my wife and I are struggling to get pregnant.

I see many couples who immediately get pregnant and have children after marriage. It’s the thing that makes the mindset of having children easy.

In fact, after almost a year of marriage, we haven’t succeeded in getting pregnant and having children.

One day I searched the internet for reasons why my wife couldn’t get pregnant, but what…

Control finances by paying cash rather than cashless

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Money payment transactions are divided into cash and cashless. In the digital era, there is a cashless payment trend, until now there is a Fintech (Financial Technology) that makes payments easier. The famous fintech payment services are Digital Wallet and E-money which are useful for storing digital money and can be used for payments at offline and online merchants.

Before there was fintech, we were familiar with internet banking, debit cards, and credit cards. This innovation makes transactions easy without the need to carry money in your wallet.

Morning activities that change your life

Activity Ideas in the Morning That Give You a Positive Value
Activity Ideas in the Morning That Give You a Positive Value
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Do you believe if the activities carried out in the morning will determine the quality of life. If you believe, our thinking is the same. Try to relax, if you start the morning with a focus on work. Life isn’t just for work. Give a break time to keep your body and mind. As humans, reaching for dreams is the main thing. But give gifts for the body and mind. Gifts are activities that are useful for recovering the body and make the mind become fresh. You can do this activity every morning after sunrise.

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